The Art of Wing Chun Fighting System

The art of Wing Chun specialises in close quarter combat. It is a concept-based art that emphasizes on trapping and striking down an opponent as quickly as possible.

Legend has it that it was created by a Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui, to exploit the inherent weakness in other combat fighting styles during her time, to give her an advantage against larger male opponents. Therefore, it is an excellent form of self-protection art.

In regards to the practicality of Wing Chun art, it was developed for crowded urban environments and can be used even when assaulted in confined spaces, hallways, staircases or elevators.

Wing Chun can be practised by people of all ages and gender. It uses structure rather than strength and, timing rather than speed. Thus, it is also called a Thinking Man’s Art.

Finally, Wing Chun is simple, direct and efficient, and can be learned in the shortest time possible.