About Wing Chun Box Tribe (WCBT)

Wing Chun Box Tribe (WCBT) is a close-quarter combat training center to learn the art of Wing Chun in New Delhi.

At Wing Chun Box Tribe, we adhere to the principles of Wing Chun combat system, yet we practise in a modern way instead of the traditional way.

The Art of Wing Chun is primarily designed for street combat & self-protection; therefore, we specialize in training on both the aspects of the art.

What We Do:

At Wing Chun Box Tribe (WCBT), we put emphasis on imparting technical Wing Chun training rather than recreational training. Our training regime is short, simple and direct.

As Wing Chun is a short-range combat art, designed to intercept and counter-attack, therefore, we train to bridge the gap with an opponent quickly, fight up close, Hit FIRST, hit hard and fast.

We also put serious emphasis on conditioning the body as a weapon. We insist that the practitioners train with regular work clothes on, most of the time, instead of gym attire, in order to be comfortable to apply the skills learned outside the gym if need be.

Finally, we prefer to train aggressively. We hit and get hit hard. This enables us to acquire the courage to stand up and fight back.

Our Motto:

  • Train Hard. Train Real.

Our Goal:

  • To enable all our practitioners to be confident and skilled enough to self-protect themselves at all times and at all places.
  • To be the Best Close Quarter Combat Wing Chun Training Center in India.

Our Training Philosophy

At Wing Chun Box Tribe (WCBT), our training philosophy is best understood by understanding our logo:

  • Wing Chun Box Tribe: Wing Chun, being more widely known as a form of Kungfu, is also known as Southern Chinese boxing due to its famous vertical punches. The art’s primary weapon is the volley of chain punches in a linear fashion, which quite resembles old school pugilism. Therefore, we call it ‘Wing Chun Boxing’. Lastly, the word ‘Tribe’ highlights our allegiance to the ‘Wing Chun Community’ worldwide to spread this beautiful art for the betterment of the society we live in. Thus, our brand name ‘Wing Chun Box Tribe’.
  • Triangle Grid: At the heart of WCBT logo is the triangular grid that represents the core defence mechanism of the Wing Chun system. Wing Chun on-guard hand position represents a triangle- the strongest structure in geometry- to create a strong defensive structure to defend and counter-attack simultaneously.
  • Adapt-Improvise-Triumph: We train in a modern way, constantly seeking to adapt and improvise our training regime to be triumphant in today’s environment, whilst adhering to the core principles of the Wing Chun fighting system.
  • Yin-Yang: – In Taoism, Yin-Yang indicates the two halves that together complete wholeness. It implies the balance of hard and soft force that needs to be present in all things we do, to attain perfect harmony in our lives. Thus, at WCBT, we learn to channelize the chi (represented by the pink circles around the yin-yang) to maintain balance in our training in order to keep our skills sharp and enjoy good health.

Our Message to All:

  • If you are looking to learn an art that can help you give the confidence to self-protect yourselves, and fight back instead of being submissive in the face of danger, then it’s time you do give our Wing Chun training in Delhi a try.
  • To all my fellow open-minded martial artists, if you are looking forward to enhancing your close-quarter fighting skills, we welcome you to try our Wing Chun Training in Delhi. Do get in touch with us.

About WCBT Team

Sasanka R. Deka, Owner & Head Instructor, WCBT IndiaSasanka Deka has been training in Wing Chun since 2013.

He was associated with India Wing Chun Academy in the capacity of New Delhi Branch Instructor till 2018. Under IWCA, he had trained in the GGM Leung Ting Lineage of Wing Chun system. He has also been trained in the Wong Shun Leung (WSL) lineage of Wing Chun system by his friend and mentor, Sauget Jolly from New Zealand Wing Chun Kungfu.

He is thankful to both India Wing Chun Academy and Sauget Jolly for the learning and experience.

Sasanka Deka has started his own close quarter combat training firm under the brand name ‘Wing Chun Box Tribe’ since 1st September 2018.

Over the course of these years, Sasanka Deka has trained numerous practitioners in the art of Wing Chun in New Delhi. He is also experienced in undertaking corporate workshops on Women Self-defence based on Wing Chun Principles.

If you have further queries, please contact us.