Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person with smaller body structure learn this art?

Yes, a person with a smaller body structure can learn this art.

Is it suitable for women?

Yes Indeed. Wing Chun is one of the few martial arts in the world which was invented by a woman, for women and weaker section of the society to help defend themselves against an adversary.

Is there any specific age to start to learn Wing Chun?

There is no age limit to learn Wing Chun.

Do you have kids’ classes too?

No, we do not have kids’ classes as of now.

How long does it take to learn wing chun?

Depending upon the practitioner, it usually takes 1.5 to 2 years to completely learn the art.

Do you have a changing room and washroom?

Yes, we do have a changing room and washroom. We do not have a shower facility though.

What are the other styles of martial arts system that you teach?

We only teach Wing Chun combat system and nothing else.

Do you offer a trial/demo class? What should I wear for the trial/demo class?

Yes, we do offer trial/demo class.  You can come for the same as per the training schedule.  However, please inform us a day in advance in case you want to come for the trial class.  We recommend that you come for the trial in your daily working attire as it will help you observe the practicality & effectiveness of the art, without the usual gym attire.

What are the timings and fees structure?

Please refer to the schedule tab of the website.

Will I get a certificate or belt after training?

In our academy, we hold a practitioner’s skills to fight/self-protect over their grade/belt. We do not follow the norm of certifying a practitioner in 3/6 months. Wing Chun is a combat art and as such we train to master the art and not to get belts/grades. However, we do give a certificate of completion only after the practitioners pass an hour-long gruelling test.

Which payment method do you use?

We accept cash only.